My dear brother!
We are not capable of answering
For we have forgotten the asking;
We see the truth no more, like sky above the sea
As we look around not thinking about the eyes -
And eyes can see everything, but themselves.

My dear brother!
In the midst of the desert
A camel is tired of carrying the water on the back
And dying of thirst;
Maybe the fish would die of it too - if satiated
Yet water wets everything, but itself.

My dear brother!
I’ve smiled not knowing why I came to this world crying
I’ve cried not knowing why I smiled close-eyed in the cradle;
I love the pain which awakened me of the sleep of life
Of that life I wouldn’t like to be mine
Because, however wide the cage can be
It still is a cage.

My dear brother!
Being amazed how we can distinguish the colours
We forgot to think of the light which enables that.
On the path of the Radiant Cresset
There is light for all those who don’t close their eyes;
The light doesn’t need proof for its existence
Because it witnesses for itself
Therefore, it’s been time since we cannot answer
Because we forgot that every question
Bears the answer within.

My dear brother!
If you live as an island in the middle of the wide sea
One day, the ships will come and land on you
For they have no other place…

Only those who know the destination
Can go right in the paths of life;
Those who don’t know how to warm, will burn
Not knowing that fire burns everything, but itself.

My dear brother!
You have to admit three times that you are unlearned -
To understand that ignorance is an illness without pain
Yet it’s the most painful;
You have to divorce three times of this world -
To understand that it is an old woman
Hidden under the bride’s veil.

When you feel alone in-between heaven and earth
Think how heaven and earth feel to have you in the middle;
The earth is not yours but you are of earth
Thus, tell your forehead to kiss the earth
Then, will you feel the love of heaven.

My dear brother!
If the mind cannot calm the heart
Then tell your heart to calm the mind
Because the heart finds what the mind searches for
The years past, belong to death -
Every sunset is a sunrise too
If you don’t want to lose time
Pray to the One who swore on time.

O God!
Give me the mind to understand how ignorant I am
Give me the power to understand how powerless I am
When I triumph on earth,
Make me not forget, that it is earth I shall become!
O God! I, who have none but Thee
I observe with pain all those who have anything but Thee
And what can there be, but Thee?!
O God!

Fatmir Muja 2006

Translated by Artan Sadiku

"Gjithçka nuk është e vërtetë, por e Vërteta është gjithçka." - F. Muja