Walking in vain in the city suburbs
Not able to reach the stars -
To bring them down into mud, he wants.

Thinking a lot
The mind he had forgotten;
Bought yogurt and cheese-cream in the bazaar
And was upset! why the seller likes the milk?

Didn’t like grape
So it’s liquor did he drink without any thirst;
Thinking of yesterday and tomorrow
His presence had he lose.

He walked in the city suburbs
Thinking he is the centre;
In fact, only in the suburbs
Could he seem the centre.

Touched by the worldly amnesia
He thought of heart diseases all the time
Since it was heart itself he had forgotten.

Fatmir Muja 2007

"Gjithçka nuk është e vërtetë, por e Vërteta është gjithçka." - F. Muja